Coach Gillian Goerzen

Coach Gillian Goerzen

Coach Gillian GoerzenI’ve been fortunate to work in the fitness industry for over 17 years. My career began when I was a Kinesiology student at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC. Looking to pump up my resume I applied for a volunteer internship in Corporate Fitness and got it! Up to that point I’d always viewed Kinesiology as a stepping stone to Physiotherapy, but that internship changed my career path – and my life.

Growing up I wasn’t an athlete and I wasn’t fit. In fact I was the chubby girl who often got picked last. It wasn’t until I discovered my own love of running at 19 years old that I finally found my “inner athlete” and my passion for fitness. So when I had the opportunity to share my passion for finding fitness with others using the skills I was developing in my education – something clicked. And I’ve never looked back.

Watching Mike transform was transformative for me too. When Mike started his 14-40-40 plan we’d been married for 8 years. He had a personal trainer IN HIS HOUSE, but nothing I gave him really “worked.” There was something DIFFERENT with these DVD’s he was using. My curiosity was piqued.

There is something invaluable about these programs – in a word? Simplicity. Press play. Follow the nutrition program provided, and keep in communication with your coach. Get results. I checked out the programs. They were based in the latest science & fitness methodology. And they offered varied levels and modifications for those getting started. And that good old barrier of “I don’t have time?” Completely BUSTED -because you do them at home in as little as 25 minutes 5 days per week. ANYONE who wants to can find that amount of time. And the programs were also ALL paired with really realistic nutrition guidelines. Something MOST programs don’t do. And a nutrition product I could get behind – good quality ingredients & no junky fillers.

Mike initially signed up as a coach for the discount, and quickly saw the business potential. So, I signed up under him to “support him.” I saw the value of the programs – but I wasn’t yet convinced about the business opportunity.

When the economic downturn resulted in the bankruptcy of the company I worked for I recognized the crossroads and took the leap. I started my Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Company – Super You. I was already a Beachbody Coach but for the first year or so I really just “dabbled” in the business (kinda like it was my dirty little secret). I saw the value in the programs…but didn’t yet see how these programs could help MY clients (aka I still had my fitness professional hang up). But here’s the thing – if you have a solution that will help your clients – why would you EVER withhold that solution?

So before I took the leap I decided I’d do a program start to finish. I had just completed a ½ marathon and was feeling fit & strong. I decided I’d take a 3-week hiatus from running and complete the 21 Day Fix. I lost 7lbs & 7 inches and gained more muscle & strength than I ever thought possible from a 30-minute program I did daily. And the eating plan completely blew my mind. It totally changed how I looked at food. It was game-changing. I returned to running stronger, leaner & faster. I was hooked.

I’ve been actively using Beachbody programs with my clients for over 2 years now and am consistently impressed with the results these programs help my clients achieve – and not just physical results. The support the groups provide is what is truly remarkable. The way these programs create community and support people to make lasting lifestyle change is truly incredible. Being a coach – being part of that – is truly a blessing.

Building a team of people who LOVE these programs and are committed to helping people inspires me – because we’re out there doing something truly profound. Helping people reclaim their lives – helping them transform their lives from the inside out. Because getting fit & healthy is about so much more than losing some weight. It’s about living a life that inspires you.

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