Coach Mike Goerzen

Coach Mike Goerzen:

About Coach Mike GoerzenMike’s coaching story begins in 2013 after he reached his goal of losing 40lbs by his 40th birthday. He achieved that goal by using a variety of Beachbody programs and Shakeology, and absolutely fell in love with the products (and their results).

After he had started to get noticeable results, people kept asking him what he was doing and how they could do it too. So, he happily referred those people to Beachbody. It wasn’t until a bit later that he realized the coaching opportunity was available to Canadians and began to research what it was all about.

Mike’s background is in business and marketing. He holds an MBA from the prestigious Queen’s University and has close to 20 years of marketing experience in a corporate environment. Looking at the coach business opportunity, Mike used his business savvy to evaluate it. At first, it made sense to become a coach simply for the 25% discount coaches receive. That would reduce his monthly Shakeology cost by about $25. But as he thought about all the people he was inspiring and then referring to Beachbody, he began to see how he could earn a nice side income as a coach as well.

Mike signed up as a coach at the very end of June, 2013 and began coaching in earnest on July 1st. He quickly became an Emerald coach (interestingly on his 40th birthday – the date that drove his weight loss goal), and began to help people. Since then, Mike has grown his team and business. He is now a Star Diamond coach, a leader on Beachbody’s Vancouver Market Council, and earning an income that will soon match his day job salary.

With an ever-growing team, Mike’s focus now is helping his coaches succeed. He enjoys helping them stay accountable, developing strategies with them, and providing ongoing training and support.

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